Specialized Healthcare Cleaning Services

The process of cleaning a commercial building or a residential space is quite different from how a medical office is cleaned. The latter is very demanding, and attention to detail is a must. One of the reasons it is different is if the cleaning is not done properly, there could be a risk of contamination with regards to germs and possible infections lying in wait. Medical cleaning personnel receive initial and ongoing training for this very important aspect of janitorial services. They are also trained in the use of specialized cleaning equipment, when the use of this equipment is required. If you are a manager of administrator of a medical office or a healthcare facility, it is advisable that you hire bonded medical office cleaning services.


Why a Medical Office Needs Specialized Cleaning?


From preventing bacterial infections to proper disposal of medical waste and prevention of patients transmitting diseases to other patients, there are many reasons specialized healthcare cleaning services are required,


  1. Medical Office Cleaning Services Prevents Bacterial Infections


One risk with poor cleaning of a medical office is the spread of bacterial infections. Infected body fluid, substances such as urine, blood, sputum and feces have the capability of leading to sicknesses. These may seem insignificant to some and they might not present a health hazard, but this is not the case. It is worth noting that these bodily fluids in microscopic quantities, can still spread diseases! The reason that you should hire medical office cleaning services is that they have specialized cleaning products that thoroughly remove these fluids and substances. These healthcare cleaning and sterilization products alleviate microorganisms and bacteria on the walls and surfaces throughout a medical and healthcare facility. Generally, they remove them from every surface that it comes into contact with.


  1. Proper Cleaning Prevents the Spread of Diseases among Patients and Staff


Different patients have many different ailments when they visit their local doctor or healthcare office. Some of these ailments are highly contagious. Common colds and the flu are probably the most common day to day items that patients present with. The opportunities of the diseases being passed on to other patients, personnel and staff are greatly reduced with regularly scheduled medical office cleaning services.


  1. Guidelines Are Followed by Medical Office Cleaning Service Personnel


There are many rules and guidelines that are followed by janitorial personnel that provide medical office cleaning services. They must use the correct cleaning products and equipment, wear gloves and eyewear protection when cleaning blood off any surface, stay clear of sharps and medical waste and must adhere to Right-to-Know. There are correct methods to be followed for trash disposal and medical waste is not supposed to be thrown out with regular trash! These are just a quick overview of some very important items that healthcare cleaning service personnel must deal with each day. 


SDS for Medical Office Cleaning Services


The cleaning solutions and equipment must be used as indicated and should be kept in a locked area during business hours. It is also a very good idea to maintain a designated SDS location that catalogues all the cleaning solutions that are kept on-site. This is just another reason the healthcare office cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about the cleaning agents they use.


One of the most demanding places to perform janitorial services is a healthcare facility. The right cleaning partner can alleviate any housekeeping issues you are facing. For more information on how you can outsource your medical cleaning services, please click HERE.





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