We completely agree with the fact that everyone has some kind of goals and dreams in his life, but some goals are very different and that is- to be very famous and renowned not just in the family, but all over the world. Most of the people dream, but their goals and dreams would remain just a dream as they never plan to fetch it up using the best strategies and hard work.

Here we are going to discuss about the best and amazing professional Mr. Arif, who didn’t effectively plan to achieve his overall goals, but also worked in the best path, working day and night to get success. He is the one from whom we can easily take great inspiration and we can easily expect to have great benefits without any hassle. With careful law planning and better management of his time, education and practice, he easily achieved his dreams and become very famous defense trial attorney. Would you like to know more about his education and background history? Well, it will be very interesting to know and you should definitely carry on with the same for getting great success and inspiration. Here it is-

Mr. Patel is also known by the name of the Arif Patel Dubai was born in 1974 in Pakistan. He later migrated to the United Kingdom and successfully was raised over there. His parents arrived from Pakistan to London in 1978 and that we can say a tough time for everyone. Moving to one country to another in the thought to earn money is very difficult, but his parents did it and up bring Arif in the best possible manner.  Mr. Patel completely knows the struggle they have made and circumstances they have faced, thus, always keen for the studies and make up the best career.  For completing his studies he went to a reputed University and received a bachelor degree in Political Science. Once he has completed his basic education, later he went to the university of law to get his master degree in 1997.

He was very studious and talented that is why once he has joined the course of law to become a successful attorney, he is also nominated and commissioned in the UK navy as an officer. He has passed the examination in 1993 and soon got the same position, which is very tough in the present day. Later, once Mr. Arif umarji Patel has graduated from law school, he served on full-time active duty as an Officer in many departments as a criminal defense trial attorney and as a military prosecutor.

This was a turning point for him and he has performed his duty so well. He is the one has the best solutions of any kind of problems and he did so well, whether it is all about to give justice to the people or to guide them in a correct way. He is the one known to all and his work speaks louder than words. People should definitely know more about his and get great inspiration.


Arif Patel was born in 1974 in Pakistan. He was raised in the United Kingdom where his parents arrived from Pakistan in 1978. Mr. Patel received a bachelor degree fromxxxx University in Political Science. After graduating from college, he attended the University of xxx of Law, where he received his master degree in 1997.

While in law school in August of 1993, Mr. Patel was commissioned in the UK Navy as an Officer. Upon graduating from law school, he served on full-time active duty as an Officer in many departments where he served as a criminal defense trial attorney and as a military prosecutor.

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